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lunes, junio 01, 2015


Take a great opportunity to advertise with Ojooo Watching Ad.

Paid clicks and banner ads you can target depending on the chosen country.

Paid to click

Make sure that your website will be seen by thousands of different people with Ojooo Watching Ad. You can advertise already from 2.10 and make your website seen by 500 people. Using our service you are sure that you have a full control of you advertisement.

- you choose when your advertisement is active

- use our geographical filter

- flexible timeframes for your advertisement

- you are getting detailes statistics and also geographical statistics

- to buy an advertisement you just need to make few clicks!

- in case of any trouble our staff will be more than happy to assist you

Without an adequate number of visitors to your website, there is no chance of success. Everyone who performs their business activity via the internet is definitely aware of this.

Website traffic = profit

We know how to attract the attention of Internet users and significantly increase your customer base. Each visitor to your site with an offer ought to be a potential customer.

Precision and safety

We provide a completely natural increase in the number of visitors. We do not use any bots or other systems of this type. This means that each new user may be interested in your offer. All guests are required to spend an average of 30 seconds, on your advertised website.

A suitable offer for the right recipients

The presented type of advertising is perfect for companies:

- providing products for a broad range of recipients

- offering complimentary products

- interested in positioning themselves on the Internet

- seeking promotion opportunities

- interested in filling in questionnaires

- offering employment on the internet

It's a great way to promote products and services such as:

- phone subscriptions

- electronic equipment

- Internet services

- holidays

- food

- clothing

- loans

- insurance

- drugs, dietary supplements

- job offers

- consultancy

- offering products for youth

- online shops

- photo printing

- tickets for sporting events and concerts

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