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miércoles, junio 10, 2015

Traffic Exchange Wiz


TE Wiz Traffic Exchange

The Traffic Wiz Traffic Exchange lets you get your websites seen by other members.
You can either buy the traffic or earn it for free by viewing other members pages..... 

TE Wiz Paid To Click

Earn money for clicking and viewing other members ads in our cool PTC section.
This is also a great place to advertise with PTC credits being very competitively priced.

TE Wiz Ads

Have your banner ads and text links shown on the footer of all members pages at Traffic Exchange Wiz and also
on our surfbar in the Traffic Exchange section. You can assign credits to your banners either by buying them,
earning them surfing or by winning them in contests....

TE Wiz Rotator

TE Wiz also has free rotators for you to use to promote your sites inside. At the same time as promoting your
sites you can be introducing other to TE Wiz and earn real cash commissions when they make purchases inside.....

TE Wiz Trophy Hunt

The TE Wiz Trophy Hunt Game is a simple game where you surf and find the trophies. Collecting
TE Wiz Trophies rewards you with lots of prizes for your efforts....

TE Wiz Downline Builder

Our Downline Builder is a cut above others as ours not only lets people join under you from the downline
builder section but also from links within other sections. Yes everyone reading TE Tips and the other cool
resources will be joining the recommended programs under you. But only if you fill your referral ID's in....

Responder Series

Each Responder Series is a pre written set of follow up emails that you can add to your auto-responder and
then customise to promote many products and services. Starting to build a list but not sure
what to write then this is for you.....

TE Tips

A few years ago a big name in traffic exchanges "Steve Ayling" wrote a set of Tips and with great pleasure
I have been able to open the doors completely free and let you read the tips today....

TE Hangout

TE Hangout is a simple easy to use forum where you can learn more about traffic exchanges etc,
Simply stop by and say hi....

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